Monday, 2 March 2015

7 day or weekly car insurance policy for high risk drivers and low income families

While purchasing the auto insurance, not every wants or needs to shell out for the yearly auto insurance policy. There are quite a few scenarios, where only a 7 day or weekly car insurance policy can be the only thing required. Some of the situations where you can feel the requirement of one week car insurance are:

  • It can be the situation when your children are back from the university and planning to borrow your car for a week. In this situation, considering the 1 week car insurance, you can be ensured that they would be covered for the entire period when would drive your vehicle.
  • Another scenario is when you are off on any family holiday and want to borrow a big car so that all of you can travel together. No matter whatever the circumstance is, you would require the short term auto insurance policy to make sure that you would be a legal driver even while driving the borrowed car in any other country or state.
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  • Apart from that, you may feel the requirement of weekly auto insurance policies while your car is in the garage for any reason and you need to borrow a car to get around.
As a whole, the low income auto insurance with cheap quotes for a week can offer you great savings on the cost of insuring any vehicle every day. This type of policy is just perfect for the situations where the auto insurance coverage period is indefinite but longer than one or two days. Opting for the 7 day car insurance quote will offer the policy buyers the extra financial leeway as well as the flexibility that they will require while making any temporary insurance arrangements.

Another great thing about the weekly auto insurance is that drivers, who are charged higher premiums for the yearly auto insurance policy, they find it that the premium rates of the 7 day auto insurance are pretty less. The reason behind it is that the insurance companies find those drivers considering weekly auto insurance policy less risky than those considering annual auto insurance policies. To get to learn more about 7 day car insurance policy for high risk drivers, you can pay a visit to

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