Monday, 6 April 2015

New driver auto insurance rates for youngsters with monthly premium rates online

One of the major reasons why the new driver auto insurance rates for youngsters is so expensive is the risk, which the insurer takes. According to the statistical reports, the younger drivers are more likely to be involved in the accidents than the drivers over age 25, with the insurance premiums estimated to reflect the stats.

 New driver auto insurance rates for youngsters

Apart from being prone to make accidents, the new and young drivers often need to pay a lot more for the auto insurance because they don’t get the chance to build up the no claims bonus over time. Though finding cheap young new driver car insurance can be really difficult, but this is not tough. So, if you are a new driver and looking for can I get one month car insurance and how to compare new driver car insurance, then go through this blog.

There are actually a number of things that can impact the cost of the cheap new driver auto insurance and one of the first places to search is the car itself. So, whether you have the question can I buy one month car insurance or yearly car insurance, you must know that the insurance companies place the cars into some individual groups starting from 1-50. 

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Basically, the car, which is in the group 1 will be the cheapest one to insure and 50 will be the most expensive one. The cars are mainly rated on the factors like:

  • The top speed of the car and how quickly the car accelerates
  • The security features of the car
  • The value of the vehicle as new
  • How long and how much it will take to fix the car if it is broken
  • The cost of the individual part

Apart from that, some of the insurers also offer discounts to the new drivers, who take part in the pass plus scheme. It is a specialized training course, which offers additional coaching to the new drivers. The logic behind it is that the more confident and better a driver is, the less chance he will have to make an accident. To get more information about can you buy one month car insurance within cheap rate, pay a visit to

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